Pampered All-Inclusive Family Cruising Vacation on SV Sunsational

A Family Cruising Vacation, will supply you with the fondest memories, for you and the whole family. If you are an outdoorsy family you will love the maximum fun the family charter yacht SV Sunsational will show you!

Where to go and what to do? Most families want to vacation together, but don’t know what the best place would be… YOU JUST FOUND IT!

On the affordable catamaran sailing yacht, SV Sunsational you have it all in one!

  1. All your loved ones in one place, meals prepared to your wishes, what else can a parent want?
  2. A cruise where you help decide on the itinerary, meals and activity!
  3. We think and plan for you all your meals and drinks, everything is organized with you in advance!

Create lifetime memories with your kids

We are here to help and guide you simple for you to experience the best stress-free family cruising vacation you have dreamed of. Awesome memories will make this trip everyone talking for years.

A Family Cruising Vacation amongst the most beautiful white powdered beaches, is almost the all-time absolute runner for kids. They like to decide where to go and what to do.

On a Family Cruising Vacation your yacht becomes your floating hotel and you can choose a new beach everyday!

Thinking of bringing your baby on a Family Cruising Vacation?

No worry; being a young family is no reason to stop vacationing! On the contrary, it can be one of the most rewarding experiences for your family.

Allow yourself some time out and go travel stress-free, bring your whole family along and share the experience of sailing and diving. We are happy to help you with the planning, the baby stuff, like food, etc., once well planned and in advance, we can do the almost impossible.

Here some tips from us:


We recommend the Sea of Abaco as a starter for your first Family Cruising Vacation, being known for many short sails from paradise beach to bay, let your kids or even the baby enjoy the warm Caribbean water.

Family oriented

The Bahamian people are a family oriented bunch of happy people. The supermarkets offer almost all the well known international baby products and if there is anything we can't get, we try to organize it!


Start early with your planning, let us know where you get stuck and don’t hesitate to ask questions, we are here for you!

Island Time

The islands flow on their own schedule and timing, be patient, be flexible! Until a little bit of routine gets into your Families Cruising Vacation everyday, things may be a bit more out of order.


Life is a beach, remember? Enjoy your well deserved Family Cruising Vacation with your loved ones!

Family Cruising Vacation, bring the Teen…

That is the question; Teens tend to prefer to stay home, sleep all day and rather play on their computers and text with their friends, than vacation with the uncool people. We know…its a hard job for parents and needs as well a lot of flexibility and patience, so much of it.

But there is also the other teenager, the one who finally discovers the love of water sport, who enjoys a dive course or even get PADI SCUBA certified. Sometimes its a good thing to bring a friend along so they can do their own cool stuff and don’t need to hang with the not so cool (family).

We usually get them pretty much engaged into activities and one maybe able to drive the dinghy (under supervision). Your Family Cruising Vacation should be fun and for everyone, just relax and let them work it out alone for a week, this will be so cool for them.

Planning the Family Reunion

Lets face it, that is the most difficult part and requires fine tuning and meticulous planning to ensure that dream-come-true Family Reunion. But only you know every and each member of your family and you know them best!

You want something that offers your family everything from activity for the kids, diving & snorkeling, swimming and kayaking, basking on the beach and suntanning on deck, not to mention the fine dining. SV Sunsational is spacious enough to offer a luxurious and unforgettable venue for your Family Reunion Cruising Vacation.

With a thorough advance planning, your reunion will become a pirate's chest filled with wonderful memories for everyone.