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Throughout all the Caribbean Islands you find a wealth of activities of all interests and ages. Simply perfect for your Cruising Caribbean Paradise Charter vacation.

It’s simple the perfection of a tropical Caribbean Cruising Paradise dream, turquoise waters teeming with colorful fish, lush jungles, exotic animals and amazing natural wonders. The locals are friendly, the shops bustling and the legends fascinating. Discover each island’s own incredible story.

Sugary Beaches, perfect weather, and a colorful laid-back culture make the Caribbean the Cruising capital of the world – and we’ve got the best gourmet cuisine, read all our Testimonials!

Many great activities await you at sea. Each of the beautiful islands means endless possibilities – enjoy everything from Water Sports and deep-sea fishing to duty-free Shopping and fantastic diving.

Plus, the incredible variety offered on Sunsational makes planning your dream Caribbean Cruising Vacation a breeze – whether you’re looking for a Family Cruise, an affordable week escape with friends, or an extended voyage to refresh the body and soul.

As the gentle waves softly caress the shoreline, by cruising the Caribbean let your worries melt away. From Treasure Cay Beach in the Sea of Abaco, to Cane Garden Bay in Tortola, to Grand Anse Beach in Grenada, your picture postcard Cruising Caribbean Paradise is never far away. If you have been dreaming of your own secluded island in the sun, the Cruising Caribbean Paradise and privacy on a Luxury Yacht Charter, then you found the perfect Robinson Crusoe getaway.

Not only does the sun shine year round, the Caribbean islands are lush and green. In addition to the region’s famed beaches there are also many fascinating places for you to visit, and each island has its own colorful history. But it’s not all about beaches, there’s plenty to do besides sunbathing during your Caribbean Cruise.

From Caribbean tropical rainforest to whale watching, see dolphins in the wild, hiking, shop at local markets; try Snorkeling or scuba diving. Every day offers new possibilities. Enjoy a Caribbean rum punch or the local ‘Painkiller’ and adopt the Don’t Worry, Be Happy attitude of the locals.

Realize your Cruising Caribbean dream come true on Sunsational!

After all, what’s to worry about when the sun’s shining, the food’s so good and everyone is so welcoming? Whether you are a sports fanatic, nature lover, sun-worshipper or water baby, cruising Caribbean has no other rival on earth for natural beauty and fun in the sun.

With its wonderful blend of natural attractions, each island can offer you a totally different Cruising Caribbean experience. With a different Caribbean island almost every day, you can completely embrace the diversity of this wonderful region. Cruising Caribbean in the southern, takes in many islands, including St. Vincent and The Grenadines, famous for their beautiful white sandy beaches and local charm.

Enjoy your amazing scenery Caribbean Cruise view, varying from exotic rainforests and botanical gardens to volcanoes. The fabulous destinations offer snorkeling and scuba diving, but even more so find unique experience with secluded coves and spice markets galore.

Famous Pirates #2: Anne Bonny (Irish, 1700-1782)

Born in Cork, Ireland, she was the daughter of a prominent attorney and his wife’s maid. Having traveled to the New World with her family, Anne fell in love and married a poor sailor named James Bonny. But when she grew increasingly disappointed by her husband’s lack of valor, she began seeking out the company of many different men in Nassau. Among these men, was “Calico Jack” Rackham, captain of a pirate ship. She joined his crew whilst acting and dressing like a man (including drinking and fighting profusely). Thus, she fought under his command, and along with fellow female pirate Mary Read, she coaxed the crew onto even greater bloodshed and violence and became a formidable pirate herself. However, she was captured with Rackham’s crew and sentenced to death. Calico Jack was hanged, but Anne, pregnant, approached the bench and said, “Milord, I plead with my belly.” The judge ordered a stay of execution. No one is sure how the famous female pirate died, though there is speculation that she returned home to her husband or her father.

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