To ensure your charter runs as smoothly as possible, following a few simple etiquette rules can make, or break, your experience.

Treat the yacht as you would your own home

A simple rule to follow. The crew want you to feel at home and equally the boat owner will appreciate care taken with his property.

Respect the crew

Treat them as you would valued employees. The crew have an extremely busy job from the chef through to the stewardesses; each one is there entirely to make sure your holiday exceeds expectations. Equally, the crew can be great fun too.

No shoes
Guests are asked to take their shoes off when they board a yacht

What to bring

Storage is always a big issue, so hard-sided luggage is discouraged in favour of soft luggage that can be collapsed for stowing. Steamer trunks might be the “in thing” on ocean liners, but not on yachts.

Shoes or no shoes?

Our yacht has a “bare feet” rule that shoes stay outside the cabin, and ask that no shoes be worn on deck too. In each case, the crew will provide a basket either at the end of the gangway or outside the salon door for you to deposit shoes. If shoes are allowed on deck, keep in mind that they should be soft-soled “boat shoes”. Stiletto heels that can dent the teak decks and black soles that leave scuffmarks are a big no-no.


Smoking (of any materials) is prohibited on board at all times.

Smoking while ashore is permitted.


While we encourage clients to bring children of all ages and stock a wide variety of water toys, games and videos just for youngsters, the crew members are not babysitters. If you bring small children, plan to care for them yourself or bring a nanny, who can often be accommodated in a spare cabin.

The crew and you

Please remember that the crew have more than enough work to keep them busy, so don’t expect them to join you on your sightseeing junkets, although they stand ready to ferry you to and from the shore.

Housekeeping advice

Give the crew a chance to make up the beds, do the laundry, and perhaps service the various systems so take time to go ashore and shop, or just leave the crew alone while you sun on the upper deck.

Give the crew a chance to carry out neccessary housekeeping
Give the crew a chance to carry out necessary housekeeping

Safety on board

Safety is the prime responsibility for the captain and crew, and they take it very seriously. You will have a safety briefing about lifejackets and liferafts, so ensure you digest the information given. It is a requirement of both insurance and maritime laws.

If something isn’t right

The correct way to deal with any problems is via the captain, he/she is the only one with the authority to put it right. It is never correct to take the matter into you own hands and lecture a crew member yourself. That is what the captain is there for.

Illegal or illicit activities

The tolerance level aboard yachts for illegal or illicit activities is absolutely zero. The penalty for any such behaviour is the yacht itself being seized and the license lost, therefore the captain and crew will turn you in to the authorities. In most countries, the penalty is jail for such behaviour too.