Diving off the yacht into crystal clear warm Caribbean waters, blending into the fish world and the underwater nature. Enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the most fascinating coral reefs still alive in the world today, while on the affordable catamaran sailing yacht SV Sunsational.

Located among the calm and shallow Abaco Sea, the Abaco Islands feature easy diving in colorful environments. The coral reefs here are pristine and protected, giving them the added benefit of healthy marine life. They are also quite shallow. Consequently, this is a great place for beginners to get comfortable in their fins.

Don’t worry. Advanced divers will have plenty to explore as well. Tidal currents have formed coral caverns and tunnels over the years. These are great for experienced cavern divers and intermediate divers looking to try their first enclosed experience.

There are also a couple of shipwrecks dating back to the American Civil War in the 1860s. While the wooden hulls of these ships have disappeared, treasure hunters can still spot cannons and other debris.

Keep in mind that spearfishing or collecting organisms while scuba diving is prohibited.

Diving in the Bahamas is best from November to May when the most sharks are in the area. June to October is hurricane season and best avoided.

There are hundreds of dive sites around the Abaco Islands and new sites are being explored every season.

If you’re here for the shark diving, don’t miss Shark Rodeo of Walker’s Cay. Dozens of Caribbean reef sharks show up to feast on the provided bait. With normally clear water, this makes an excellent dive to try out your videography skills.

Coral-lovers will appreciate many of the dives in the area. The Towers, Coral Caverns, Wayne’s World and The Cathedral are all sites to look out for. And if you love big fish, be sure to check out Grouper Alley and Tarpon Wall.

Finally, the scattered remains of the San Jacinto and the USS Adirondack are sure to interest wreck divers.

Famous Pirates #11: Calico Jack (English, 1682-1720)

The pirating activities of John Rackham, or Calico Jack as he was known in reference to the striped trousers and coat he wore, began when as quartermaster, he seized control of his captain's ship. Charles Vane, unfortunate pirate captain of the ship Treasure, had failed to attack a French man-of-war, which so infuriated Calico Jack, he set up a protest, and supported by his fellow crew members, placed Vane and his allies on a small sloop and sent them on their way. Sometime later, Calico Jack met Anne Bonny on the island of New Providence. He persuaded her to leave her husband and she joined him on his ship dressed as a man. A second female pirate, Mary Read, was already part of Calico Jack's crew, and like Anne, dressed as a man. Anne and Mary were both on board when a pirate-hunter under the orders of Royal Governor Woodes Rogers', attacked their ship in 1720. During the fight, Calico Jack cowered in the hold along with the crew, leaving Anne and Mary  to fend off the attackers on deck. They lost the battle and Calico Jack was sentenced and hanged.

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