The exhilarating Caribbean Vacation experience of sailing carries with it its own collection of terminology.

Get started talking about sailing, share the common lingo. You will hear many special words for just about everything that has to do with yachts and sailing, sometimes we do throw some extra, mysterious sailing term in, in order to intimidate a “landlubber”…. (this is your first term learned; meaning someone who lives on land!)

Learning sailing maneuvers and the different parts of a boat is just the beginning to prepare for your sailing vacation.

Are you the beginner or the already seasoned, salt-stained sailor?

One can learn the basics of sailing in a matter of hours, with David to help you teaching to understand the “ropes” and terms! From the first moment you hoist the Main Sail, until you try to tie SV Sunsational to a dock, you will be challenged with learning and understanding all.

Getting familiar with all the lingo, lines, and logistics, one can easily be overwhelmed. However, sailing is something nearly anyone can learn and master and just by taking one small step at a time, you can work your way up to the more complex issues.

Perhaps you too will be infected with the sailing bug. Unfortunately this bug has no known cure and can last a lifetime. Fortunately, it's symptoms can be easily assuaged by regular sailing excursions.

Currency Note

The Bahamas use the Bahamian dollar as their form of currency. U.S. dollars are also accepted universally.

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