Scuba Diving in the Abacos

Diving off the yacht into crystal clear warm Caribbean waters, blending into the fish world and the underwater nature. Enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the most fascinating coral reefs still alive in the world today, while on the affordable catamaran sailing yacht SV Sunsational.

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Go ahead and jump into clear and warm Caribbean waters for your first Snorkeling experience

Ducking your head in the incredibly clear Caribbean warm waters just off about any island can dazzle you with sights beyond compare. Friendly bright yellow fish darting between flame-colored coral, the untouched seabed and the fragile sea anemones are dancing in the current. Just part of the wonders that can be found under the waves.

If you can swim you can snorkel.

All you really need for snorkeling gear are a mask, snorkel and fins. No need to carry all your snorkeling gear with you, we have it all onboard your affordable catamaran sailing yacht SV Sunsational.

With all that’s out there to be explored, it’s no wonder that the Caribbean is home to many of the world’s most popular snorkeling and scuba diving destinations.

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Water Sports for Relaxation

All these Water Sports are part of the large variety of activities available during your affordable catamaran sailing yacht vacation! Enjoying the scenery, sunbathing, swimming, reading, listening to music and exploring the islands.

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The exhilarating Caribbean Vacation experience of sailing carries with it its own collection of terminology.

Get started talking about sailing, share the common lingo. You will hear many special words for just about everything that has to do with yachts and sailing, sometimes we do throw some extra, mysterious sailing term in, in order to intimidate a “landlubber”…. (this is your first term learned; meaning someone who lives on land!)

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Learn how to PADI SCUBA dive

Top off your Sailing Holiday and enjoy fantastic activities with our on board PADI SCUBA Diving Instructor!

SCUBA, originally being an acronym for with Self-Contained-Underwater-Breathing-Apparatus, which describes breathing sets used underwater.

Unlike early Diving, that relied exclusively on air pumped from the surface, PADI SCUBA Divers carry their own source compressed air allowing them greater freedom.

Most people begin PADI SCUBA Diving, purely for enjoyment as recreational diving, then tend to increase interest in the underwater world and are interested in other PADI SCUBA Certifications.

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