Food is our passion!

Imagine yourself on your first Caribbean cruising day, a freshly brewed coffee flavor floats in the breeze filling the yacht. Awaiting you is our legendary breakfast menu served to you “Al Fresco” every morning, along with your favorites. Food prepared all fresh when you wake up in a beautiful bay!

Later in the day, enjoy your lunch menu on the beach or lounge in the spacious rigid-bimini-shaded cockpit with a fresh and crisp salad or a mouth-watering BBQ, delicious food prepared by the chef!

Food is one of the BIG highlights on your Affordable Yacht Charter All-Inclusive Vacation on SV Sunsational. We love food, love to cook and enjoy preparing new and different meals. We understand everyone has different tastes. No worry, we consult closely with you to serve you better!

You will see that we can surprise you, menu and food wise, with a wide variety from our small board galley. During your sailing and diving vacation you may be surprised to find you have a great appetite, more than usual when sitting in your office chair!

Get kissed by the last golden rays of the Caribbean sun's touch. Sip a cocktail in the afterglow of a perfect day from your lounge and let yourself be surprised by the chefs menu and food creation!

There is a huge palette of flavors with our favorite local Caribbean dishes, traditional and Mediterranean specialties on our Menu list; most of them have a long tradition on affordable catamaran sailing yacht SV Sunsational.

Please take your time and speak with your companions about the choice of your food.

Our galley is a rather small place, please understand that we cannot prepare different menus at the same time.

But of course your chef will be happy to adjust to your taste or avoid allergic problems simply by substituting an ingredient e.g., swapping fish with chicken breast. 

So please let us know well in advance by simply filling out our preference sheet and we will take care of it!

Enjoy a delicious menu and fabulous food prepared just for you, get a Tour de Cuisine…

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Famous Pirates #2: Anne Bonny (Irish, 1700-1782)

Born in Cork, Ireland, she was the daughter of a prominent attorney and his wife’s maid. Having traveled to the New World with her family, Anne fell in love and married a poor sailor named James Bonny. But when she grew increasingly disappointed by her husband’s lack of valor, she began seeking out the company of many different men in Nassau. Among these men, was “Calico Jack” Rackham, captain of a pirate ship. She joined his crew whilst acting and dressing like a man (including drinking and fighting profusely). Thus, she fought under his command, and along with fellow female pirate Mary Read, she coaxed the crew onto even greater bloodshed and violence and became a formidable pirate herself. However, she was captured with Rackham’s crew and sentenced to death. Calico Jack was hanged, but Anne, pregnant, approached the bench and said, “Milord, I plead with my belly.” The judge ordered a stay of execution. No one is sure how the famous female pirate died, though there is speculation that she returned home to her husband or her father.

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